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Sound Healing Journey Music

Healing Music recorded with love & dedication to the path of the heart

New FREE Music by Emma Stout

Heart Elevation.png

Heart Elevation ~ An expression of Awe 


When we elevate our emotional state, we can come into Heart Coherence.


"Heart Coherence is a state of cooperative alignment between the heart, mind, emotions and physical systems. Learning to activate qualities of the heart such as care, kindness and acceptance increases our Personal Coherence™. This results in less mental and emotional pressure, more effective choices and increased resilience. Because our personal coherence is communicated through our energetic field, it has an uplifting impact on others. The proven benefits of coherence also extend to our social and global communities. Social Coherence™ accesses a collective heart intelligence that helps lift group effectiveness, facilitating authentic communications and easier access to solutions for more harmonious outcomes. As individuals and groups practice increasing their heart coherence, it paves the way for a collective momentum that has the potential to transform and uplift consciousness on a global scale – Global Coherence™." ~ HeartMath Institute


Vocal overtones and harmonies to awaken an elevated emotion of your choice as you breathe through your heart. Choose an elevated emotion you want to work with for the next 3 months and breathe it in and breath it in and out through your heart as you listen to this music. You can visualise times in your life when you have experienced this emotion, or create experiences with your mind.


Some examples of elevated emotions: Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Joy, Awe, Unity,

 Acceptance, Selflessness, Thankfulness. Inspiration, Freedom, Kindness.


Be Still And Know (live performance)

What lies within stillness, the inner stillness, the stillness of mind and heart, is everything we need to know, everything that is true, everything that is void of the ignorance of good and bad, beautiful and ugly, worthy and not worthy.

Truth arises from stillness. In stillness, we can know truth.

If you want to know a deeper truth, do whatever it takes to let go of all that is distracting you. Connect to your breath, deepen your connection with nature, deepen your connection with yourself through embodiment practices, letting go practices, meditation, whatever it takes to become empty and still within.

Remember, the chaos in the world is a "show". It is a distraction that clouds our mind and disturbs our heart. Come back to the stillness within.

There lies a deeper knowing. Clarity.

A deeper truth.

Come back to the stillness of your heart.

Your love is real. Your empathy connects us all. Your compassion heals.

Your light liberates.

A journey through Emma's vocals and singing bowls.

Lay back & relax.

Return to Peace.png

Return to Peace 🕊

  A prayer to call back the parts of us that are disconnected from the peace that lives within.
Please share to promote peace.

A journey through Emma's harmonic vocals.

Best listened to with headphones and at mid volume

More clips of 8 Phase Shamanic Journey available HERE

This was a project created for Jambo Truong and his 8 Phase Meditation. 

Each phase is around 5 minutes long. You can use this instrumental piece to go on your own personal journey. You can also learn the 8 phase meditation practice in depth at


Phase 1. Breathe for Yourself

Himalayan singing bowls to ground into body, open consciousness and connect to our breath. Breathing slowly, deeply and fully invites more strength and power into our lives.


Phase 2. Confess to Your Spirit

Chimes and singing bowl to find what needs to be confessed in order to release it. When we just admit to ourself how we honestly feel we stop resisting it, it loses it's grip on us and we can begin to unwind, regulate our nervous system and get out of our own way. 


Phase 3. Heart Coherence

Vocal overtones and harmonies to awaken an elevated emotion of your choice as you breathe through your heart. Choose an elevated emotion you want to work with for the next 3 months and breathe it in.


Phase 4. Uptake Gratitude

Shells and whistle to awaken and embody gratitude. Who and what are you grateful for? See it, feel it, breath it all in right down to your bone marrow and embody it.


Phase 5. Forgiving and Letting go

Drum, rattles and jaw harp with Mark Halliday on spiral didgeridoo to recognise and move out stuck energy so that we can begin to let go of all that prevents us from forgiving and healing. Cathartically let go with your breath/voice.


Phase 6. Meet your Future Self 

Ocean drum journey into our deepest desires to manifest with the water element and the power of our emotions. See where you want to be in your life in a year from now and ask your future self what you need to do today to take a step towards that. 


Phase 7. Rehearse the next 24 hours

Flute to use air element for mind to rehearse your whole day and into next morning - according to your future desires and in as much detail as possible.


Phase 8. Meet your Guides

Drum journey to meet your spirit guides, ask questions, seek guidance. 

Faster drum beat at the end signals it's time to give thanks, say goodbye and come back safely into your body again.


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