Emma is a multidisciplinary practitioner of holistic medicine with over 2 decades of experience and dedication.

She works with healing tools and techniques created to enhance wellbeing and balance in body, mind and spirit.

Emma is passionate about healing practices that are empowering. She carries deep respect for the richness of different cultural teachings and healing tools which have helped her to heal and connect to her own heart and personal truth. It’s with deep gratitude and permission from her teachers that she shares all that she has learned for the benefit of her clients and students.

She continues to grow and develop in ways that feel authentic, and is dedicated to her personal practices of Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation and Nature Connection. These practices help her to stay connected to her inner wisdom and present with herself and others. They are ways of integrating and embodying all that she learns into her life, which transfers into her client work. 

She continues to develop, study and receive supervision from her guides and teachers, carrying their wisdom alongside her work.


Emma is fully qualified and insured in the following practices:

  • BA Complementary Healthcare/Reflexology

  • HND Sports Massage Therapy 

  • Advanced Remedial Massage

  • Bodywork

  • Advanced Shamanic Practitioner

  • Creative Therapeutic Sound

  • Forrest Yoga Teacher

Blue Butterfly - Sound Healing Therapies - Emma Stout
Blue Butterfly - Sound Healing Therapies - Emma Stout

"I share healing practices to help you intelligently navigate through your own experience via

one to one sessions, group classes and courses.

My intention is to create a safe, nurturing and compassionate space for you to feel accepted

as you are and to assist your personal growth. "