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About Blue Butterfly


The Blue Butterfly is a symbol of deep transformational change. The kind that happens when we are given the freedom to be ourselves, to be accepted as we are, & to safely express our uniqueness.

Like the rainbow, all people are made up of different colourful expressions that are essential to the whole of humanity. We could not imagine a rainbow without the red or the yellow, nor seeing one strand stand out more than the other. Therefore, instead of quantifying & pulling apart the rainbow, we understand that what makes us unique is not something to fear, judge, nor separate us from each other but, through deeper wisdom & appreciation, actually makes us more interconnected & whole.

To live peacefully with all people means finding balance & harmony inside of ourselves, bringing peace to the conflicting parts that reside within us & manifest as spiritual, mental, emotional & physical dis-ease.

​To do this we need tools and skills for healing and empowering ourselves.

Here you will find 121 Healing Sessions, Community Healing Events & Training Courses which aim to offer self-empowering tools to enhance your journey back to balance & harmony in body, mind, emotions & spirit.


About Emma


Emma has over 20 years of experience supporting clients to find physical & emotional freedom.

She offers healing sessions that have a holistic approach- meaning you are treated as a unique individual,

& each healing session is tailored to your needs.

Emma offers 121 Healing Sessions in Yoga Bodywork Massage, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Bodywork, Reflexology & Reiki.

She also facilitates Training CoursesCommunity Events which include Forrest Yoga, Song Circles &

Sound Healing.

Her qualifications & certifications include:


  • BA Complementary Healthcare/ Clinical Reflexology

  • HND Sports Massage Therapy 

  • Advanced Remedial Massage

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Advanced Shamanic Practitioner

  • Creative Therapeutic Sound

  • Forrest Yoga Teacher

  • Functional Yoga Anatomy

  • Yoga Bodywork

  • Meditation, Ceremony & Mindfulness

She specialises in supporting people to become more connected to themselves physically and emotionally, allowing people to be more empowered through self-awareness.

"I am passionate about holistic practice because I see the benefits in my clients on a daily basis. 

I am dedicated to my personal meditation, yoga, ceremony, and nature connection practices, which all help me to have a more present & mindful relationship with myself & therefore with others. 

I continue to deepen my knowledge through study and healing work, as well as receive supervision from my teachers & mentors, which continue to inform & deepen my client work."

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