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Shamanic Bodywork

A combination of Shamanic Healing Techniques & Bodywork Massage Techniques

as required.

This treatment can be received fully clothed or as an oil massage. 

This can involve:

Ceremonial Cacao (optional) ​- a delicious plant medicine drink that supports deep emotional & physical heart healing, helping us to elevate our emotional state, process grief, sadness, depression & trauma, inviting more abundance & joy into our body & our lives.

Energy Cleanse -the use of herb smoke to cleanse any unwanted energies in the energy field.

Extraction - removal of deeper intrusive energies.

Bodywork - touch that supports the nervous system to unwind, aids in physical & emotional trauma release from the fascia, muscles, organs & bones.

The Benefits can include all those mentioned in Bodywork Massage, Shamanic Healing & more.


Exchange for 1 hr 30 - 3 hours: £80 -£150

Available in Edinburgh & Bridgend, West Lothian

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