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Shamanic Bodywork

A combination of techniques from my training in Shamanic Healing, Bodywork & Traditional Chinese Medicine are applied as required in order to assist a more effective healing session, and can treat the root cause of a physical issue; which is often at an emotional level.

Our life force energy is carried throughout the body via meridian energy pathways.

Any blocks in the meridians will affect the systems of the body, organs, muscles, joints & skeletal structures. This way of working supports the release of energy blockages, returning our optimal energy flow. 

This treatment can be received fully clothed or as an oil massage. 

This can involve:

Ceremonial Cacao (optional) ​- a delicious plant medicine drink that supports deep emotional & physical heart healing, helping us to elevate our emotional state, process grief, sadness, depression & trauma, inviting more abundance & joy into our body & our lives.

Energy Cleanse -the use of herb smoke to cleanse any unwanted energies in the energy field.

Extraction - removal of deeper intrusive energies.

Bodywork - touch that supports the nervous system to unwind, aids in physical & emotional trauma release from the fascia, muscles, organs & bones.

The Benefits can include all those mentioned in Bodywork Massage, Shamanic Healing & more.


Exchange for 1 hr 30 - 3 hours: £80 -£150

Available in Edinburgh & Bridgend, West Lothian

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