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Sound Healing

Sound is healing. Its helps to shift our energy and awareness into a more balanced state, supporting us in

unwinding our nervous system for:

deep relaxation

reduced stress & anxiety

heightened focus

enhanced mood & well-being

a boost of energy & feeling of rejuvenation

improved sleep

increased sense of connection & belonging

A variety of instruments are played live such as:


singing bowls


various drums

These instruments all create sound waves that connect with our brain waves- allowing us to move into the Theta brainwave state which helps us:

bypass mental blocks 

increase creativity

reduce stress

find deep restfulness

& contentment

These benefits extend beyond the moments when your mind is in Theta State,  and regular practice can prolong these benefits, leading to greater health outcomes..

Shamanic meditation and pranayama (yogic breath) can also be incorporated into each session.

Use this time to prepare yourself for complete rest, sleep, and be guided into your dream world.

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