Massage & Bodywork

Unravel the unnecessary strain and come back to wholeness



I work with advanced massage techniques from Swedish Massage and Sports Massage. 

I also offer Bodywork which incorporates many techniques including; muscle testing, breathwork, intuitive massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and movement. It allows for the understanding and initiation of healing in our bodies, and creates space for both physical and emotional release. I also combine energy work, reflexology and shamanic healing as appropriate. 

These sessions can benefit everyone, helping to unwind physical and emotional tension.

When we carry too much from our past and our environment, our bodies react. We can become withdrawn or highly irritable. Who we truly are becomes incased in tight bands of connective tissue. Massage and Bodywork gently tease open these tissues, providing freedom and the return of renewed

life force energy to our mind, skin, nerves, muscles, joints, organs and bones.




You can choose to receive this work fully clothed and on a mat or with organic massage oil, covered with towels and on a massage couch.

Modesty is always kept intact during oil massage as only the areas being worked on are exposed at any one time, and the rest of the body is kept covered and warm with towels. This treatment uses a variety of light and deep pressure specifically designed to relax the muscles, providing relief from tension, numbness and pain. Other techniques are applied to really work out the tension, working on the deeper muscle fibres, loosening out the knots and preparing them for activity. This allows for a healthy flow of circulation, helping to restore damaged tissue and relieve muscular tension after exercise. If required, specific stretching techniques can also be incorporated to help increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles.


Benefits of regular treatment

The benefits of regular massage and bodywork are huge and can include:

  • Healing and maintaining the body on many levels

  • Physical & emotional stress management

  • Regulating all the systems of the body

  • Healing muscular injuries

  • Reducing pain


Each session is tailored to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

The first appointment includes an initial consultation within the appointment time.


‘I had persistent pain under my right shoulder from years of dragging my computer mouse around. Emma’s deep tissue massage sorted it out and her insight and advice helps me keep it away.

Professional, knowledgeable and caring is how I would describe the treatment provided.’ Jim

Appointments Available

Santosa Wellness

21 Albert Street




1 hr £55   1 hr 15 £65   1 hr 30 £75 






Auldhill Drive



EH49 6NL

 1 hr £50   1 hr 15 £60   1 hr 30 £70 


It is recommended not to have any plans after a session to give space for integration.


You are 100% responsible for your own integration.

Please wear comfortable, non- restrictive clothing.


No alcohol or illegal drugs at least 24 hours before and after session.


COVID-19: if you have any symptoms, even if it is just a cold, or have been with someone with symptoms,

please postpone your session via email.

Note: Please bring a blanket with you due to COVID-19 regulations. Please arrive no more than 5 mins before your session.