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Unravelling physical & emotional trauma

Promoting healing through touch

A bespoke healing session which can incorporate many techniques according to your needs and requirements. Each session can include the following as required:

  • Swedish massage

  • Sports massage

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Advanced remedial massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Scar tissue remediation with special healing oils

  • Intuitive touch

  • Myofascial release 

  • Muscle testing

  • Gua Sha

  • Breathwork

  • Emotional release

  • Stretching, strengthening & movement techniques

This approach allows for the understanding of postural distortions and the initiation of healing in our bodies. 

Space is created for both physical and emotional release.

Where appropriate, other healing techniques can also be incorporated, such as;

These sessions can benefit everyone, helping to unwind physical and emotional tension.

When we carry too much from our past, or from stressful environments, our body mind reacts. We can become physically and emotionally tense, withdrawn or highly irritable.

Who we truly are can become encased in tight bands of connective tissue as a maladaptive way to cope and protect ourselves.

Bodywork Massage can gently tease open these tissues, providing freedom from tension and pain, and encourage the return of renewed life force energy to our mind, skin, nerves, muscles, joints, organs and bones.





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Bodywork Session

You can choose to receive this work fully clothed, or with organic massage oil and covered with towels.

You will either be on a massage table or a comfy futon depending on your needs.

Modesty is always kept intact during oil massage as only the areas being worked on are exposed at any one time, and the rest of the body is kept covered and warm with towels.

This treatment uses a variety of light and deep pressure specifically designed to relax the muscles, providing relief from tension, numbness and pain. Other techniques are applied to really work out the tension, working on the deeper muscle fibres, loosening out the knots and preparing them for activity.

This allows for a healthy flow of circulation, helping to restore damaged tissue and relieve muscular tension after exercise. If required, specific stretching and myofascial release techniques can also be incorporated to help increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles, and special oils applied for scar tissue remediation.






Click here for more info: Gua Sha


Benefits of regular treatment

The benefits of regular bodywork are huge and can include:

  • Healing and maintaining the body on many levels

  • Physical & emotional stress management

  • Regulating all the systems of the body

  • Healing muscular injuries

  • Scar tissue remediation

  • Reducing pain


Each session is tailored to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

The first appointment includes an initial full consultation and assessment within the appointment time.

'Emma helped me to understand my body more and heal my postural issues through bodywork, shamanic healing and yoga. She taught me how to correct my breathing pattern which was previously creating tension in my body, and showed me ways to support my anxiety which have been hugely beneficial. She makes me feel so safe to release any emotions and shares a lot of wisdom which has been life changing." Siobhan

"I was fascinated when Emma told me that my cesarean scar was affecting my hip issues. Emma used

oil for healing the scar with specific massage techniques which greatly improved my issues after only 3 sessions. And having regular treatment along with Emma's advice has kept my pain away." Abiona


"I had persistent pain under my right shoulder from years of dragging my computer mouse around. Emma’s deep tissue massage sorted it out and her insight and advice helps me keep it away.

Professional, knowledgeable and caring is how I would describe the treatment provided." Jim

Appointments Available

Saturdays in your own home or at:

Santosa Wellness

21 Albert Street




1 hr £60   1 hr 30 £80   2hr £100   3hr £150

Email to book below, stating your Saturday availability


Weekly at:

Auldhill Drive


West Lothian

EH49 6NL

1 hr £50  1 hr 30 £70   2hr £90  3hr £140

Deep Tissue
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