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Kundalini Yoga & Sound

Join us for a nourishing evening of Kundalini Yoga followed by a long and restful Sound Healing journey.


Kundalini yoga is a comprehensive practice of asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), mantra and meditation. This combination of practices helps to raise conscious awareness, balance the glandular and nervous systems, and connect us to our inner wisdom, leaving a profound sense of stillness and peace.

Combined with the healing vibrations of sound from a variety of relaxation enhancing instruments, this will be an evening that will give you ample opportunity to unwind any physical or emotional tension.

This class is accessible to all, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners of yoga.

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5f997a5f-2084-413c-bcbf-de206514c6a0 2.JPG

with Emma & Jenny

Jenny is an kundalini yoga teacher, breathworker and space holder. She uses the power of movement, mantra, breath and meditation - the true essence of yoga, to help us connect to our sense of self, our divine intuition. 

Emma is an experienced sound healer that has worked with yoga teachers all over Europe. She enjoys witnessing the depths of release and unwinding that sound healing can take people to, especially after the body, mind and spirit are prepared through yoga.

Emma & Jenny felt the call to work together, and are looking forward to sharing these healing practices with the wider community.

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