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Shamanic Healing   

Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice primarily created by indigenous peoples from all over the world. It involves the practitioner acting as a bridge between the seen and unseen aspects of who we are.


There are many different approaches to this work, depending on what the individual recipient needs in each moment. A range of techniques are often used, sometimes with a focus on one particular technique depending on what is asking to be explored at the time.

Each session will include a consultation followed by some of these common approaches to healing:

“Extraction”- Releasing stuck energy and returning life force energy flow.
“Soul retrieval”- Bringing back personal power that may have been lost due to trauma.
"Shadow work"- Bringing awareness and new perspectives to our blind spots.
“Drum journey”- Healing the subconscious via the gentle rhythm of the drum.

Each session lasts around 1 hr 30 mins. Some sessions can be slightly shorter or longer depending on what work is required. It is recommended not to have any plans after a session to give space for potential longer sessions and integration.

Sessions are offered both in-person & securely online via zoom.

“Emma’s sessions are from the heart, full of compassion, acceptance and often include sound healing when guided.”

“Emma has a beautiful way of holding the space for healing and is a very skilled practitioner, gentle yet very powerful indeed. I’ve had a few one to one sessions of soul retrieval and attended many group sound journeys all being beautiful healing experiences. The healing process can bring up a lot of ‘stuff’. Emma was skilled in guiding and supporting me through the process. I felt held, safe and sound in the space.”


Appointments Available

Online via zoom 


in-person at:

Auldhill Drive


West Lothian

EH49 6NL

 Due to the nature of this work, session times are an approximation of 1hr 30

exchange: £150 | £125 | £100 | £80 


high / medium / low income / pensioners & benefits 

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