Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice primarily created by indigenous peoples from all over the world. It involves the practitioner acting as a bridge between the seen and unseen aspects of who we are. There are many different approaches to this work, depending on what the individual recipient needs in each moment. A range of techniques are often used, sometimes with a focus on one particular technique depending on what is asking to be explored at the time.

Each session will include a consultation followed by some of these common approaches to healing:

“Extraction”- Releasing stuck energy and returning life force energy flow.
“Soul retrieval”- Bringing back personal power that may have been lost due to trauma.
"Shadow work"- Bringing awareness and new perspectives to our blind spots.
“Drum journey”- Healing the subconscious via the gentle rhythm of the drum.

“Emma’s sessions are from the heart, full of compassion, acceptance and often include sound healing when guided.”

Each session lasts around 1 hr 30 mins. Some sessions can be slightly shorter or longer depending on what work is required. It is recommended not to have any plans after a session to give space for potential longer sessions and integration.

Sessions are offered both in-person & securely online via zoom.
All you have to do is download zoom to your device for free.

If the ongoing calendar dates don't suit then please contact Emma to arrange.

“Emma has a beautiful way of holding the space for healing and is a very skilled practitioner, gentle yet very powerful indeed. I’ve had a few one to sessions of soul retrieval and attended many group sound journeys all being beautiful healing experiences. The healing process can bring up a lot of ‘stuff’. Emma was skilled in guiding and supporting me through the process. I felt held, safe and sound in the space.
If you're feeling called or a teeny bit curious to work with Emma, answer the call and let your heart and soul receive the healing it needs.”


Appointments Available

Wednesdays & Fridays in-person in Linlithgow or Online.

Email to book in-person sessions in Portobello, Edinburgh on Saturdays.

 1hr 30 (approx)

Sliding scale:

Benefits/Pensioner £60

Part-time/Average Income £75

Full -time/High Income £90

Please wear comfortable clothing & allow time for integration after your session.

Wed/Fri choose an in-person appointment in West Lothian or online via Book Now button below.

If in-person: COVID-19: if you have any symptoms, even if it is just a cold, or have been with someone with symptoms,

please postpone your session via email.

Note: Please bring a blanket with you due to COVID-19 regulations. Please arrive no more than 5 mins before your session.