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Healing Sessions

Scotland, UK based

121 Sessions are available Tues - Sat

20% OFF for all Yoga Students!


A Bespoke Combination of Techniques from:

Deep Tissue Sports Massage,

Swedish Massage,

Pregnancy Massage,

Myofascial Release & PNF Stretching, 

Yoga Stretching & Strengthening, Breathwork,

Gua Sha

Scar Tissue Remediation

Reflexology or Reiki can be included or as a stand alone session.

This treatment can be received fully clothed or as an oil massage. 

Benefits can include:

  • Stress Relief

  • Relieving Muscular Aches & Pains

  • Joint Mobility

  • Physical & Emotional Injury Healing

  • Lowering High Blood Pressure

  • Stimulating the Blood & Lymphatic System

  • Reducing Oedema

  • Improving Sleep Patterns

  • Relaxing & Re-Energising Body & Mind (and more!)

Exchange for 1 -3 hrs: £50-£160

Edinburgh & Bridgend



Feeling completely burned out & exhausted?

In need of deeper healing & rest?

Check out my Signature Session

4 Hours: Total Wellness Reset

Shamanic Healing 

 Shamanic Healing aims to remove blockages from our energy system, retrieve soul parts- part of our life force energy that we are disconnected from, and restore balance; 

re-empowering the person energetically and spiritually.

This treatment is received fully clothed & does not include

Bodywork Massage.


Feeling lost?


Searching for more meaning in life?

Low energy?

Intrusive thoughts?


Feeling "not all here" or fragmented?

Blocked memory?

Lack of joy or motivation?

Chronic depression or negativity?

Shamanic Healing can support us through times of disharmony & help us come back into balance within.

Income Based Sliding Scale Exchange for 90 min appt: £80-£150

Online or in Bridgend, West Lothian

Shamanic Bodywork

A combination of techniques from Shamanic Healing, Bodywork & Traditional Chinese Medicine are applied as required.

This treatment can be received fully clothed or as an oil massage. 

This can include:

Ceremonial Cacao (optional) ​- a delicious plant medicine drink that supports deep emotional & physical heart healing, helping us to elevate our emotional state, process grief, sadness, depression & trauma, inviting more abundance & joy into our body & our lives.

Energy Cleanse -the use of herb smoke to cleanse any unwanted energies in the energy field.

Extraction - removal of deeper intrusive energies.

Bodywork - touch that supports the nervous system to unwind, aids in physical & emotional trauma release from the fascia, muscles, organs & bones.

The Benefits can include all those mentioned in Bodywork Massage, Shamanic Healing & more.

Exchange for 1 hr 30 - 3 hrs: £80 -£160

Edinburgh & Bridgend

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