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Gua Sha Massage

Emma has combined traditional Indian teachings with her knowledge of massage, Gua Sha and

Facial Reflexology to bring to you this unique, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating therapy.


Lay down as a small amount of organic grapeseed oil or pre-blended aromatherapy oil is gently massaged into the face, head, neck, shoulders and scalp to help relieve tension headaches and promote a sense of mental clarity and well-being.


Other benefits can include:

release of sinus blockages

stimulation of the hair follicles to aid hair re-growth

relaxation of the facial muscles to help reduce fine lines and facial puffiness

You can enjoy this session in combination with any Bodywork or Reflexology session- just ask at your appointment!

See video below for more info.

Gua Sha Face is combined with Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage, other Massage areas, or Reflexology. Book under "Bodywork."

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