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Forrest Yoga for Beginners

This is the perfect class for any student who is either new to yoga, looking to return to yoga basics, or just interested in Forrest Yoga.

Forrest Yoga supports us to strengthen and heal our body by teaching us to consciously breathe, move and gain awareness of movement and sensation in ways that help us to change our habitual patterns that put a strain on our body and mind.

Learn the foundational yoga postures, basic Forrest Yoga moves, alignment and breathing practice.

Forrest Yoga can help with increasing the flexibility of the spine, core strength, range of movement at the joints, balance and focus, relaxation and sleep regulation, body awareness, energy and vitality.

Emma’s classes are compassionately held, offer a supportive teaching style that will strengthen your body, focus the mind, connect you to your breath, and emphasise self-kindness towards your approach to yoga practice.

Each class ends with Sound Healing.

Emma weaves together a blend of musical

instruments to take you on a journey into deeper

states of complete rest at the end of each yoga class.

With soothing, soaring vocals, singing bowls, flutes, chimes & more,

you will be transported into a state of peaceful bliss.


What to bring:

*a yoga mat

*water in a reusable bottle

(not disposable plastic like "highland spring/volvic/evian" etc as they can "pop" & be disturbing)

*wear warm, layered clothing suitable for yoga (socks & a jumper)


Time & Place:




7pm -8:15pm

Drop in classes

x3 remaining before summer break:

22st & 29th May

5th June


Jim Walker Partnership Centre

21-55 South Bridge St,


EH48 1TL

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early to get set up.

Late arrivals of more than 5 minutes will not be able to enter as the class will have started.

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