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Scar Tissue Remediation

Scars are a part of being human and living in a body. Some scars occur after sealing and healing a wound and end there. But other scars can spread three-dimensional web-like structures throughout the fascia- connective tissue. This can come from a wound site or through surgery. The bundles of fibrous scar tissue can weave around and constrict muscles and organs. This type of tissue is raised and tightens over time, and can spread away from the original site of trauma. The pull of tension from these scars can be felt at quite a distance from old injuries or surgeries, which can often be the root cause of postural distortions.

Bodywork can support the healing of scar tissue through first softening the scar with special healing oil which penetrates through the tissues, helping to prepare the fibres to be gently teased apart with specific massage techniques. As the tissues begin to unwind, so can the physical and emotional trauma associated with the original wound. This helps to provide relief from maladaptive physical and emotional holding patterns, providing freedom in the muscles and organs, and from emotional pain.

Shamanic Bodywork goes a layer deeper by also supporting any Soul Retrieval or other emotional healing associated with the trauma that has occurred in the body.

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