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Acupressure Neck Massage


All services provided are of high quality at prices that won't break the bank.

Here you will find the current prices for all one to one therapies in Bridgend, West Lothian.

THERAPY                                                                                                  45mins   60mins   75mins   90mins    2hrs         3hrs

Shamanic Healing                                                                                 

Extraction, soul retrieval, past life healing,                       Approx 90mins    Income based sliding scale £80-£140

inner child healing as required    


Shamanic Bodywork                                                                                                                               £80          £100         £150

Bodywork massage with herb smoke cleanse

& extraction as required                                                                                                                     

Relaxing Swedish Massage                                                     £40          £50          £60          £70           

Eases tension & soothes stress

Deep Tissue Sports Massage                                                  £40          £50          £60          £70        

Releases deeper layers of tension;

enhancing sporting performance & well-being

Yoga Bodywork                                                                                          £50          £60          £70          £90         £140

Deeply unwinding, supporting physical & emotional release

Pregnancy Massage                                                                  £40         £50         £60          £70                        

Relaxing & therapeutic for mum to be & baby

Foot Reflexology   (1st session is 1hr)                                             £40         £50 

Relaxing, improves balance & well-being on many levels                        


Usui Reiki                                                                                                 £40         £50                                                                                 Relaxing energy healing to improve vitality                                                


Neck & Shoulder Massage with Reflexology or Reiki                               £50           


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with Reflexology or Reiki                                    £60          £70        


Massage / Reflexology / Reiki with Sound Healing                                                 £60          £70          £90         £140


Signature Session: The Works

Bespoke Full Body massage with deep & chronic tension release,           3hrs £150   3.5hrs £199   4hrs £249

Reflexology, Energy Healing, Head & Face massage with Gua Sha,

Organic Oils & Sound Healing


Each session is tailored to your needs, so if you are not sure what to book, we will find out and adapt at your consultation.

You can also email or book a consultation call beforehand if you have any questions.

For sessions in Edinburgh add £10.

Shamanic Healing & Sound Healing is Bridgend only.


Please don't hesitate to contact me for any enquiries or to book a session in Edinburgh:


You can book your Bridgend session here:

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