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The Art of Sound 

Sound, Song & Ceremony

Begins Summer 2024- Next Dates Coming Soon!

Sound is healing. It has been used by early humans, healers and monks to guide us into a deeply relaxed and meditative state, returning us back to our true resonance, our true and natural self. 


Who Is This For:

This personal development course is suitable for anyone that would like to learn how to support themselves, friends and family with the incredible benefits of sound healing

by playing relaxing sound journeys. 

This course is popular with yoga teachers, meditators, healers, musicians

and those looking for ways to relieve stress and improve their well-being.

The Benefits:

Sound healing can help to clear energetic blockages and thus facilitate healing on a physical and emotional level. Some of the benefits of sound therapy include:

  • deeper states of relaxation

  • lower stress levels

  • improved mood & well-being

  • heightened energy & focus

  • clearer mind

  • lower blood pressure (if high)

  • improved sleep

  • a feeling of rest & rejuvenation

Sound healing has also been used to help with the symptoms of a variety of conditions such as

post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and dementia.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to play instruments used for sound healing such as:

  1. singing bowls

  2. shamanic drum

  3. flute

  4. ocean drum

  5. chimes

  6. your own voice

  • How to create beautiful soundscapes by connecting deeply to each instrument

  • Learn about the benefits of each instrument & their collaborative uses

  • Learn medicine songs & (optional) how to play them on the acoustic guitar

  • Shamanic wisdom, Ceremonies, Meditation, Breathwork & more!

Course Schedule & Content 2024:

Private Venue in Scotland 

  •  The Magic of Singing Bowls & How to Play Them

  •  The Instruments of the Medicine Wheel in Shamanism 

  • The Healing Drum

  • The Healing Voice

  • How to Create a Sound Journey

There will be an in-person gathering in Scotland at the end of the course for a day of sharing sound journeys with my feedback. 

You will also have some homework to help you to go deeper and integrate each lesson.

What You Will Need:

  • A willingness to commit to the full course, attend all classes

                                                              & do the homework provided for your benefit

  • At least 1 singing bowl inc. wand, 1 shamanic drum & (optional) an acoustic guitar

  • Any other sound healing instruments that you feel drawn to

  • Wear loose, comfortable, weather appropriate clothing (for indoor & outdoor work)

  • A cushion/ something comfy to sit on

  • A notepad & pen to take your own notes 

  • Water bottle & cup for tea

Contact Emma if you are interested in joining or have any questions!

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