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Total Wellness Reset

Do you feel burned out & deeply exhausted?

Feel stuck or stagnant in life?

Want to have less tension and more energy?

In need of deep nourishment & TLC?


Then you need my Signature Session:

Total Wellness Reset

4 hours of complete Bliss tailored to YOU!

This can include the following:

  • Bespoke Full Body Massage with Organic Healing Oils to soothe tense & tired muscles

  • Gua Sha to unwind the scalp & facial muscles,  reduce facial puffiness & fine lines

  • Reflexology to support sleep regulation

  • Shamanic Energy Healing to help remove heavy energies, return & optimise energy flow & bring back your spark

  • Sound Healing singing bowls, soothing vocals & more to further deepen

your state of complete rest & relaxation

  • Cermonial Cacao a plant medicine that enhances our ability to rest & receive

Feel like YOU again!




Available in Edinburgh & Bridgend, West Lothian

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