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The Works

Do you feel deeply exhausted?

Feel stuck or stagnant in life?

Want to have less tension and more energy?

In need of deep nourishment & TLC?


Then you need my Signature Session:

The Works!

3-4 hours of complete Bliss tailored to YOU!

This can include the following:

  • Full Body Massage with Organic Healing Oils

  • Myofascial release around the areas need it such as:

Jaw (teeth grinders)

Diaphragm (optimising the breath)

Psoas (front of hips)

Quadratus Lumborum (lower back/ back of hips)

Piriformis (ease & help prevent sciatica)

Shoulders, wrists & feet

                                                              of the body such as:

    Hormonal, Digestive & Sleep regulation

  • Energy Healing to help remove unwanted energies, return & optimise energy flow & repair the energy field

  • Sound Healing singing bowls, soothing vocals & more to further deepen

your state of complete rest & relaxation

3hrs £150   

3.5hrs £199   

4hrs £249

Available in Edinburgh & Bridgend, West Lothian

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