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Community Healing Circle

An uplifting evening of ceremonial cacao, medicine songs, drumming, yoga
& a relaxing sound journey with live musical instruments.


The Event

A compassionately held space for deepening our connection with ourselves as well as community. 

Sharing healing practices to support us to elevate our emotions, release stress

& deeply relax.

Ceremonial Cacao / IxCacao is a non-psychoactive plant medicine drink that I have ethically sourced from Peru. This plant supports our ability to connect to our body- our deepest desires, purpose & pleasure.

It also helps us to uptake our own serotonin - our brain's happiness neurochemical! 

The content & flow of each circle will depend on the energy of the group.

This will include different themes depending on the moon cycles and seasons.


These events can include:

Singing Medicine Songs

Drumming (bring a drum or rattle if you have one)

Forrest Yoga ~ suitable for beginner to advanced level


Sound Journey- relax to the sounds of live musical instruments such as

singing bowls, flute & gong.



The benefits of these circles are huge!

They can include:

*Deep relaxation

*Reduced stress and anxiety

*Heightened focus

*A boost of energy & feeling of rejuvenation

*Enhanced mood and well-being

*A sense of connection & belonging

*Improved sleep



What to bring:

*Yoga mat

*Cushion if you need one for sitting on the floor

- chairs also provided if required for sitting

* Wear warm, soft, layered clothing suitable for yoga & laying down for a long time- socks, jumper & blanket (that don't "rustle" when moving)

* Water in a LARGE reusable bottle (not plastic as they can "pop" & be disturbing)

*Cup for ceremonial cacao (if you are having some)


* Journal & pen

*Optional fruit or a snack (non dairy if having cacao)

* Medicine song to share, drum or rattle (optional)

Please remember that EVERYONE can sing!

Singing in a group is a very powerful way to connect & elevate our emotional state!

Your voice is needed, always very welcome & very much appreciated!

Time & Place

Please click here for Ceremonial Cacao info before booking

Saturday 25th November 4-7pm

MacKinnon Hall (Scout Hall), 13 Mill Rd, Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgow EH49 7RA


1 PERSON £45 

2 PEOPLE £80 (click here to email to book & pay by bank transfer)


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