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Loving Kindness Workshop

A heart nurturing evening of Ceremonial Cacao, Breathwork, Forrest Yoga & Sound Healing

Saturday 12th February


Calm on Canning Street

16 Canning Street Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 8EG

Loving Kindness-6.png

About the Event

Life is always offering us the chance to see ourselves and the world in a way that is more beneficial to our wellbeing, and more conducive to our growth both individually and as a community.


The amount of love, kindness, and compassion we beautify our hearts with will alter our default mindset and familiar ways of being in the world to a way that benefits all.


Elevating our hearts is essential for eliminating fear and all other forms of suffering.


During this heart nurturing evening we will explore ways we can elevate our emotions and cultivate loving kindness with meditative breath work, movement, gentle yoga, song and sound healing. 


We will also be offering a warm drink of delicious ceremonial cacao.


Ixcacao ("ix" is divine feminine energy literally meaning "little one") is a Mayan plant medicine that opens our hearts to the nurturing, healing, and fertile love of self and for all. It allows us to connect to our inner child with the sacred archetype of the earth mother, to cultivate a safe home within.

Meet The Hosts


Callum Doherty is a

Forrest Yoga Teacher, and practitioner of Mindfulness and the healing arts.


Emma Stout is a

Shamanic Practitioner,

Sound Healer, Bodyworker and Musician. 

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