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Reiki Treatment

Shamanic Practitioner & Bodyworker

Holistic Practices as Medicine for the Community

Sharing healing tools to enhance your journey back to balance

within body, mind, emotions & spirit.

"I believe that a balance of true compassion & healing wisdom within self-care, healing practices & community gatherings, is integral in supporting us through our own personal evolution; making an impact that is essential in creating meaningful relationships, & a healthy society." Emma


"I had one of the deepest and most profound transformational Shamanic healing sessions with Emma, her guidance and ability to hold space is incredible." Sean

"Emma's extraordinary sound journeys are the perfect accompaniment to any healing work. She is approachable, sensitive and super talented, with a deep connection to the incredible sounds she produces. I can't wait to hear her again!

Her bodywork massage is equally delicious- she is a confident and knowledgable practitioner who will help your body and mind to feel great!" Amy

"Emma is very authentic person dedicated to her own constant growth. She is a gifted healer, channeling pure unconditional love through her words, beautiful voice, sound and touch. I had a Bodywork massage session with her and I left feeling very tranquil and rejuvenated. Thank you so much Emma!" Lucyna 

Blue Butterfly - Sound Healing Therapies - Emma Stout


"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyse you, they are supposed to help you discover who you are"

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