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What have you been learning over the last year?

Are there patterns you wish to change?

Beliefs you wish to let go of?

What parts of you do you wish to let go and let die in order to welcome in more of what you truly desire?

What wishes to be unearthed so it can be set free?

As we meet our "death" in an online group ceremonial container, we will delve into self enquiry in order to welcome deeper insights and illuminate the aspects of us which are in darkness.

This ceremony is set 1 week before Imbolc and the beginning of Spring; to give you time to integrate and prepare yourself to begin to grown and blossom in new ways. ​

You will need a comfortable and cosy nest, candle, notepad and pen.

Make sure you will not be disturbed after the ceremony. Be in silence and do not go online, send messages nor speak to anyone.

Taking some quiet reflection time and going to bed is best.

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