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Sacred Breath Sacred Sound

An Inner Journey

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The Event

Join Emma & Anne-Marie in a safe & healing space where you will be guided as a group on an explorative inner Breathwork & Sound Healing Journey.

Lay back & learn to consciously connect deeply to the breath in a way that supports the release physical & emotional tension, allowing you to access more elevated emotions such as joy! 

Journey deeper into your own experience with the sounds of live guitar, voice, singing bowls, gong, drum & more.


​Isn't it just breathing?

​Breathwork teaches us to consciously connect to the breath in a way that supports us in regulating our nervous system for physical, mental and emotional health.

It is the process of altering our pattern or rhythm of breath to change our physiological state.

The quality of our breath inspires every moment.

When we breathe well, fully and deeply, we can move and be well.

Consciously connecting to our breath supports us in releasing stuck emotions that are in the way of us living fully.

It is accessible to everyone! And it's a tool you can learn to practice anywhere- for free!

Relieve stress, sadness, depression, and boost your energy!

The breaths responsiveness and our awareness of it enables us to THRIVE and TRANSFORM in LIFE.


​Everything in life is vibration. All of life is created by atoms and molecules that have energy. They are in constant motion and vibrate according to the quality of that energy. Our thoughts, our breath, every sound has its own frequency and vibration. 

​Sound from specific instruments played by a sound healer is healing. Its helps to shift our energy and awareness into a more balanced state, supporting us in unwinding our nervous system for:
deep relaxation
reduced stress & anxiety
heightened focus
enhanced mood & well-being
a boost of energy & feeling of rejuvenation
improved sleep
increased sense of connection & belonging

Our mind needs healing so we can think clearly. Our emotions need healing so we can feel clearly. Our soul needs healing so we can receive the abundance of love that is within and around us. 

Sound Healing frequencies optimise the quality of our energy, and blast through energy "blocks" that prevent us from thinking, feeling & receiving.

On this journey, we will be exploring the condition of our thoughts, our breath, of sound, and how we can enhance the quality for our own well-being, so we can embrace more elevated states of being from within; such as PEACE & JOY!


You Will Need:

Soft, warm, layered clothing that don't "rustle" when moving
(warm socks & jumper too)

Water in a large, reusable bottle 
(not plastic as they can "pop" and be disturbing)



Time & Place



Saturday 11th November

Art & Spirituality Centre

6-8 Alexander Drive,

Gorgie, Edinburgh

EH11 2RH



Anne-Marie Birch is an Edinburgh-based Breath facilitator and trainer, Massage Therapist & 

CranioSacral Therapy practitioner.

Emma Stout is a Shamanic Practitioner offering Shamanic Healing, Bodywork, Forrest Yoga, Sound Healing & training courses.

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