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Intro to Forrest Yoga

This Monday night 6-Week Series is the perfect class for any student who is either new to yoga, looking to return to yoga basics, or just interested in Forrest Yoga.

Forrest Yoga supports us to strengthen and heal our body by teaching us to consciously breathe, move & gain awareness of movement & sensation in ways that help us to change our habitual patterns that put a strain on our body & mind.

Learn the foundational yoga postures, basic Forrest Yoga moves, alignment & breathing practice.

Forrest Yoga can help with increasing the flexibility of the spine, core strength, range of movement at the joints, balance & focus, relaxation & sleep regulation, body awareness, energy & vitality.

Emma’s classes are compassionately held, offer a supportive teaching style that will strengthen your body, focus the mind, connect you to your breath, and emphasise self-kindness towards your approach to yoga practice.


What to bring:

*a yoga mat

*yoga strap/belt (if you have one)

*water in a non plastic bottle (plastic can "pop" & be disturbing)

*wear warm, layered clothing suitable for yoga


Time & Place:

x6 Mondays: 

16th, 23rd and 30th October

6th, 13th and 20th November


Linlithgow Community Development Trust 6-7 The Vennel, Linlithgow EH49 7EX

6 Week Series £60 (save £12)

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