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Healing Ceremony

A beautiful evening of fun, healing & deep relaxation

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The Event

Join Emma and Jenny for a Cacao & Healing Ceremony.

At these ceremonies, we honour the moon cycles & sacred seasonal junctures. This honouring alone helps us to heal by reconnecting with our natural selves, & the cycles of nature which we are part of.


In many parts of the world, including Scotland, we have lost touch with nature. This disconnection has lead to feel a sense of loss, to lack meaningful connection & understanding of ourselves, each other & the land. This can cause us to feel lost, to mistrust each other, & creates

dis-ease in body, mind & soul.  

To be in touch means to be "of the land." To be deeply connected to our healthy ancestral roots, natural environment, and to live in harmony with ourselves, each other, the seasons, & natural cycles that life brings.

To awaken & deepen our re-connection, we will have an evening of different healing themes, supported by some or all of the following; according to what is needed at each ceremony:


Drinking plant medicines (optional)

IxCacao a non-psychoactive plant medicine ethically sourced from Peru. This plant spirit supports our ability to connect to our hearts- our deepest desires, purpose & pleasure.

Hawthorn (autumn/winter) that we have foraged from the land here- berries which support physical & emotional heart healing & protection.


Elevate our emotional state by singing healing songs

Support deeper healing with guided shamanic meditation

 Connect to & let go of tension from our bodies during yoga/dance 

Deeply rest & unwind our nervous system during a live sound healing journey.

There will be time for sharing as a group & also personal self-reflection.


Please bring a drum/rattle & a healing song if you have one,

a cup for cacao,

a journal & pen,

water in a reusable bottle (not plastic),

fruit or a snack,

Wear soft & layered clothing suitable for yoga/dance.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to drink ceremonial cacao, please read all the info here before booking. This is for your own safety and for the benefit of the whole group.

We hope you can join us! 

Santosa Wellness Centre

21 Albert Street EH7 5LH

Edinburgh, UK

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