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Much of our tension is held in the face, neck and shoulders. We use our facial muscles daily for things like talking, reading, eating, laughing and general facial expressions. All this can create tension in the face and jaw, head, neck and shoulders; which can also lead to headaches and signs of premature ageing. 




Emma has combined traditional Indian teachings with her knowledge and experience of different types of massage and Facial Reflexology to bring to you a unique and incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating therapy. Lay down on a massage couch and relax. Stimulate your senses as a small amount of pre-blended aromatherapy essential oil is applied to the face, neck and shoulders. Unwind as these areas are gently massaged, followed by slowly working into the scalp. 


This has many wonderful benefits such as: 


Reducing stress and relieving tension headaches to promote a sense of mental clarity and well-being 

Releasing sinus blockages 

Stimulating the hair follicles to aid hair re-growth 

Relaxing the facial muscles to smooth out fines lines and facial puffiness 


*You can enjoy a Head & Face massage as part of a Massage therapy session- just book in for a

 Massage Combination session!*

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