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Please follow all instructions via button above to book your session.


Click here to email any enquiries or to book a consultation call


Below you will find more info on all online events, classes, courses & healing sessions.



Community Healing Events:

Beginners Forrest Yoga & Sound Healing Ceremony ~ Weekly in Linlithgow

All Levels Forrest Yoga & Sound Healing Ceremony ~ Fortnightly in Linlithgow

Song, Yoga & Sound Healing Ceremony ~ Monthly in Edinburgh

Cacao Ceremony ~ Monthly in Edinburgh

121 Healing Sessions:

In-Person Shamanic Healing and Council ~ Weekly in Linlithgow

Bodywork Therapies ~ Weekly in Linlithgow & Edinburgh

In-Person Workshops & Training Courses:

The Magic of Singing Bowls Workshop ~ Corbridge, England

The Magic of Sound Healing ~ Linlithgow, Scotland


I look forward to seeing you soon!

Please note that when you book and pay, you are also agreeing to the Cancellation Policy.


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