The Magic of Singing Bowls Workshop

An ancient way to calm the nervous system and promote peace

Learn how to help yourself and others relax with sound healing!-2.png

The Event

Have you ever wanted to know why singing bowls are so relaxing?

In this workshop I will teach you the history and introduction to the healing sounds of these instruments!

Come along if you want to learn how to use singing bowls to enhance your personal growth and a way to help others. 

Whether that's as a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, healer, or someone who simply wants to reduce anxiety. 

This workshop is a starting point for learning how to use sound for healing.

Singing bowls are magical!

Learn how to connect with the unique spirit that lives within each instrument, and how to play them in a way that creates the effect you desire!

YOU WILL NEED 1-3 Himalayan Singing bowls (metal) and their wands.


Healing happens when we play!
Let's have some fun!

Sunday 14th Nov

Tues 30th Nov