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Return to the Temple Within

Reconnect to your body & spirit with pleasure & ease

Join us for a blissful evening of heart warming ixcacao, breath work, medicine songs, shamanic dance & sound healing!


The Event

Join Emma & Mandy for a nurturing evening of medicine, movement & sound healing!

This event is to support and prepare you at this seasonal transition from the end of the harvest season and into the beginning of winter.


We will begin with a heart warming dose of ixcacao & yoga inspired breath work, gentle movement & medicine songs to elevate our emotional state. This will take us into a shamanic dance practice to deepen our connection to our body, ground our energy, & release physical & emotional tension. 
We will then lay down and go on a long and restful journey with live sound healing music and songs. 


***Please bring some water in a large reusable bottle, & your favourite smelling body oil that's safe for your face.
If you have a yoga mat & a drum/rattle then please bring them too!***


Ixcacao ("ix" is divine feminine energy literally meaning "little one") is a Mayan plant medicine that opens our hearts to the nurturing, healing, and fertile love of self and for all. It allows us to connect to our inner child with the sacred archetype of the earth mother, to cultivate a safe home within.

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Meet The Team


Mandy Peat

Mandy is a Shamanic and Tantric Practitioner who walks The Path of the Heart. She is a Wisdom Keeper, a dancing healer who holds a deep reverence for the ancient ways. 

She is a woman's group circle facilitator and works with individuals around Scotland.

"When we dance, we return to the sacred temple of our Body, through conscious dance and movement we embody the divine Union between Body, Mind and Soul."


Emma Jaguar

Emma is a travelling Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healer & Yogi with over 2 decades of dedication and experience. 

She regularly collaborates with talented healers and musicians, as well as sharing her own practices with individuals and groups around Scotland, England and beyond.

"Physical movement, vocal & sound healing vibrations help us to release that which gets in our way of fully embodying all of what makes us beautiful and unique- our own Spirit."

Emma & Mandy facilitate rites of passage and nature connection ceremonies together and are passionate about supporting communities through the many transitions we experience in our lives.

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